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HIPAA Policy

This notice describes how medical information collected by Canyon County Paramedics may be used and disclosed, and how patient's can access this information. 

Patient Signature Form

Purpose:      Authorization to bill for services and that you                          have been informed about our HIPAA policy.

For use by:  Canyon County Patients or Patient's Authorized                        Representative

Fax to:          (208) 795-6960

Physician Certification Statement (PCS)

Purpose:      Medical necessity for ambulance transport

For use by:  Physicians

Fax to:          (208) 795-6960

Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (ABN)

Purpose:      To allow patients to make an informed decision                       about their transportation.

For use by:  Canyon County Patients

Fax to:          (208) 795-6960

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