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CC Paramedics, 1975

The Canyon County Paramedic Program was founded in July 1975. Ten Paramedic students, selected from 150 applicants from all over the country earlier that year, started training at Caldwell Memorial Hospital and Mercy Medical Center under the instruction of Betty Weatherby, RN. After the completion of their training, eight of these individuals formed the nucleus of the Paramedic program that eventually evolved into the Canyon County Paramedic Ambulance District when the private ambulance company closed it's doors in Canyon County in 1977.

The Paramedic program was the creation of the combined efforts of Dr. Willis Hubler from then Caldwell Memorial Hospital (West Valley Medical Center) and Dr. Robert Hay and James Quinn from Mercy Medical Center. The program was one of the first in the State of Idaho along with Idaho Falls and Pocatello Fire Department based systems. The program evolved from the first two years staffing a private ambulance with one Paramedic and an EMT driver to a publicly owned Paramedic system staffing ambulances with two Paramedics on a routine basis.

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