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Thank you for taking the time to learn about Canyon County Paramedics and the levy you will see on the May 2024 ballot. The purpose of this page is to provide an un-biased objective statement explaining the purpose and effect of the ballot measure. No statements herein are intended, nor should they be construed to be advocacy either for, or against, the levy override ballot initiative. 

Canyon County Ambulance District was formed on December 30th, 1977 in order to provide for ambulance service throughout the entire county.  The Ambulance District is funded separately from cities, fire districts, and the County.  Property taxes account for approximately 30% of the needed funding for the Ambulance District’s annual budget. Canyon County Paramedics has not requested a levy override or bond measure to support the delivery of Emergency Medical Services within the last 23 years.

The Canyon County Ambulance District Board is proposing a 7.982-million-dollar levy override. This levy override would increase property taxes in Canyon County by $21.19 per $100,000 of assessed value.

The proposed levy override will fund:

1. Rebuilding of Station 41 in South Nampa

2. Construction of Station 55 in South Caldwell

3. Addition of two ambulances to the system (to include vehicles, equipment and supplies to make them operational)

4. 12 additional Paramedics to staff the new ambulances each day


In addition to the above needs, the levy will allow the Ambulance District to add stations, ambulances, equipment, and staff to meet the projected growth in 7 to 10 years’ time, not just today’s needs.

The proposed levy override will reduce response times by adding additional ambulances to the system, and provides the funding for the continued delivery of long-term solutions for Emergency Medical Services throughout Canyon County.

The levy override will appear on the May 21st ballot. The measure requires two-thirds majority approval from voters.



Station 41

Station 41 was funded and built in 2010 by Mercy Medical Center on their hospital campus in South Nampa. The hospital property was recently sold for development and the station will be demolished within the next two years. This leaves Canyon County Paramedics without its southern most station in Nampa. South Nampa is one of the busiest areas of Canyon County. Rebuilding Station 41 will preserve the current level of service in South Nampa, and will allow response times to be maintained. Moreover, Station 41 is required in order to provide the current level of emergency medical services to the South Nampa Community.




Station 55

Station 55 is planned to be constructed in South Caldwell between Lake Ave and Farmway Rd., South of Ustick Rd. As the data below shows, South Caldwell is an area where there is significant call volume, but also lacks adequate coverage to respond in a timely manner. Adding Station 55 will increase the number of ambulances available in Caldwell. This reduces the need for units operating in Nampa or Middleton to respond across the county, which lowers response times within the entire system and helps to maintain appropriate coverage in each community.




Canyon County has experienced substantial growth over the last 5 years. Per the US census data, the population of Canyon County increased by over 20,000 residents since 2020. This has resulted in a 20 percent increase in calls for service for Canyon County Paramedics.  This has required paramedic crews to travel further distances to respond to calls out of their primary response areas, and to respond to more calls than ever before.

The growth in Canyon County has increased to the point where additional full-time paramedics are needed—and new stations are needed to house them. Stations are strategically placed to ensure the quickest response to the majority of our calls. Because of budgetary restrictions, Canyon County Paramedics has not been able to construct a new station in over 20 years.

Legal Information

I.C. § 34-914 Statement: The District currently levies a tax of $10.03 per $100,000 of taxable

assessed value, per year. The estimated annual cost to the taxpayer of the proposed levy is a tax

of $31.22 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value, per year, based on current conditions. Thus,

if the proposed levy is approved, the tax per $100,000 of taxable assessed value is expected to

increase by $21.19 per year. The proposed increase will be permanent.

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